The Best Cruelty-Free (Vegan) Brands

A number of brands continue to exploit and abuse innocent animals for profits. Not only are these products made from animal testing, they also include several toxics that are harmful to humans. On the bright side, there are a number of personal care products that are organic, natural and healthy. By using cruelty-free products, not only will you save hundreds of animal lives, you will feel good inside and out. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  1. Shea Butter
    This is a family owned company has everything from hair products, skin care, cosmetics and bath/body wash. For those of you with curly hair, this brand is bomb. I regularly use their Raw Shea Butter shampoo, conditioner, and moisture/detangler. Since I started using these products my hair has become much more healthy, stronger, and moisturized. The three key ingredients are shea butter, Aragon oil, and sea kelp.
  2. Kinky Curly: Knot today 
    This product is amazing for people who have dry, curly or knotty hair. After months of relentless searching, I am so blessed I found this.  The key ingredient is mango, which leaves a refreshing and natural scent to your hair. It’s a natural leave-in/detangler. I’ve never been able to run my fingers through my curls so smoothly, until now. It’s my overall favorite.
  3. BECCA Cosmetics
    This is a full-coverage, 24-hour wear, water-resistant foundation. I’ve been using their ultimate coverage complexion crème, almost every day for three years. One reason why I love it is because it gives off a natural, redefined and glowing look. You don’t need a lot of it (I use less than a pump for my entire face). It’s the perfect base for an every-day look. Although, it’s a bit pricy, it’s worth the money because of how long it lasts. An entire bottle usually lasts me about least 4-6 months, depending on how often I use it. 
  4.  Raw Sugar
    This is hands down my favorite body wash and hand soap. They come in different flavors. I love the coconut mango and the green tea +cucumber-aloe vera. This is great for people with sensitive skin. Unlike most body soaps, Raw Sugar never leaves your skin feeling itchy, sticky, or dry. The scent is so refreshing and natural. You can only find it at target.