Love As a Unity

Without focusing on I’m “loving someone” love can be perceived as a unity of all things.

Some people see falling in love as a timeless experience. When you’re in love time doesn’t exist. However, in solitarily, time feels like everything. Time has a way of making us feel like we’re missing something. Perhaps we’re missing someone, a memory, or a feeling.

 What if the only thing missing is the feeling of being ‘oneness’?

The feeling of self-love, without needing anyone to fill any type of void. Learning to be  one with the universe, one with yourself, and one of everything else.  According to the dharma, love can be defined as emptiness of self. When there’s no self, there is a unity. Without the thought of “I’m loving someone,” love becomes the natural expression of being unified or whole. A unity of all things.

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