Why I Never Get Too Comfortable

How we perceive ourselves and the world around us, depends entirely on our thoughts, actions, and how we respond to external events. Instead of letting a bad situation overpower you, you can move forward and find the best alternative outcome. There’s always room for change. The more we fight the universe, the more backlash comes our way. 

Sometimes, the things that seemed scary at first, turn out to be some of the greatest things to ever happen. People fear change only because they fear the unknown. People like to feel in control. They like things to remain exactly how they are. But, things never stay the same.

I truly believe how we respond to outside forces, determines the outcome of one’s life. Someone who expresses hatred or regret will never be satisfied. They will receive the same negativity in return. On the other hand, those who express love, kindness and empathy will be rewarded with a positive life. As stated in the dharma and the laws of karma, there are no such thing as coincidences. Nothing happens to us by chance. Every action has a reaction. Our thoughts and actions to external events, can either help the situation or make it worse. 

That is why you should never get too comfortable with the way things are moving. Our feelings, relationships, school, work, hangovers, it’s all temporary. How you feel right now is bound to change.