My Goals For April.

I’d like to end this month, this semester, and my last few moments of being 21, on a good note. I hope to thrive, grow, learn, and explore the world and the power of the universe. I want to enjoy these next couple of weeks. I want to have fun and do things that bring me utter joy and serenity.

The semester is almost over and finals are around the corner. My first priority is to study my ass off so that hopefully I’ll have A’s if not in all, but most of my classes. As of right now, I see no reason why I cannot accomplish that.


Since I begun college about three years ago, there’s always at least one final that lands on my birthday. It’s not as bad as it seemed at first. It’s good because i’ll be looking forward to the end of the semester, as well as my birthday. I always go extra crazy, celebrating both. Though, I’ll be too distracted with school, to plan for any festivities. I’m not stressing though, because for once I’m going with the flow.

I’m beginning to realize that the older I get, the less I seem to care.


I’m extremely grateful because I’ve always had amazing birthdays growing up. My 21st birthday, last year, was hands-down one of the best trips. My dad took me, my boyfriend, and a friend of his to the magical land of Tulum, Mexico. To say it was the perfect getaway, is an under statement.

I always love traveling with my dad because he’s like a young kid at heart. He makes every trip incredible. He’s down for any adventure and always knows how to have a great time.

Since high school, I’ve spent most of my birthday’s traveling someplace away from home. It was never something I planned, but it kind of just happened perfectly. It has turned into a tradition of mine. Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to do the same for my boyfriend.


When we first started dating, two years ago, we decided to rent an airbnb and go camping in Hendersonville, North Carolina, for my 20th birthday. We came across a listing of a beautiful campsite, that was owned by  a nice elderly couple. They had around 7 massive tents. All were equipped with a queen size waterbed, candles, and heaters. There was no service or any means of technology. We were just surrounded by trees, plants, nature trails and waterfalls. It was very beautiful and refreshing to be secluded from the city. I think it will always be my favorite trip with my boyfriend because it was our first trip together. In so many ways, it brought us closer.


As somebody who spent most of her life traveling, I felt the need to share the same experience with the person I love. I’ve traveled throughout Europe, visited several states and the Caribbean. I even spent some of my childhood living in Sweden for many years. My dad is Swedish, and my mother is African American. So, yes, I’m quite the mixture. Most people aren’t even aware that Swedish is actually my first language.


The traveling started around the time I was 3. When my mother and I moved to Sweden, while my father stayed home in Miami for work. So, I occasionally flew back and forth.

My boyfriend is half Peruvian, so he’s been to Peru a few times, as well as Honduras where his step-father is from. But, he never traveled anywhere in the States. So, driving to North Carolina was his first time leaving Florida.

Three months after our North Carolina trip, I surprised him with a trip to New York City for his birthday. It was his first time there. Considering he’s from a small beach town in Florida, visiting the big apple was mind-blowing for him. The only big city he had been to was when I first took him to see my home, Miami Beach. And that shocked him entirely, so imagine his reaction when we first arrived in NYC.  It was priceless.


April 29th is weeks away and I still have no clue what I’m going to do. For the first time ever, I don’t have a plan and I don’t give a shit. There’s no need to go above and beyond every single birthday. As long as I’m surrounded with the people I love, everything will be more than okay.

On that note, my second goal is to feel nothing but alive.