Uninterrupted Moments

Is it me or are unplanned adventures simply the best? I found myself wrapped inside your arms, overlooking the stars above. No stressful thoughts to distract me, no drunken neighbors to wake me up. It was just the two of us, in the middle of nowhere, caught in an electrifying moment. The best trips are always unexpected.

There was nothing taking us away from the present. We were secluded from the city and disconnected from technology. I was in my natural element.¬†Being there felt like I was in a higher frequency. You kind of forget what that feels like. To not worry about anything or anyone. Out here time doesn’t exist. There’s no input. There are no fears or worries.


We spent the weekend surrounded by waterfalls, nature trails, and breathtaking views. It was undoubtedly a special weekend. It happened to be the place where I fell in love.¬† Being out here was so enlightening on different levels. Just being secluded from the world, gave me time to reflect. It made me realize how cluttered my mind was. I could see how much time I had wasted worrying about the wrong things. I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend of uninterrupted moments.



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