Benefits of Mindfulness

This year I’m dedicating myself to making better life choices. I want to become more mindful each day. I want to eat healthier, be more active, and free my mind and body from stress. I want to start budgeting my life as well. I plan to work on my relationship, my goals, and passions. A few things that have helped me so far is quitting alcohol, eating only when I’m hungry, distancing myself from toxic people, working out, drinking only water, and getting off social media. 

I tend to stress and overthink almost every aspect of my life. Like most people, I take something natural and temporary and try to articulate it, rather than just experience it. I forget to do nothing and simply just pay attention to the mind and body. When we’re unattentive to our feelings, chaos and noise grow internally and the mind becomes unbalanced. However, when we become mindful of our feelings, we can observe them with detachment and balance. It is how we develop insight. Only with a peaceful and silent mind, we are able to deeply experience what is happening.

Bare attention is learning how to listen to our minds, our bodies, our environment. How do we develop awareness? From experiencing things with a silent mind, without our thoughts and concepts about them. It’s transitioning from the thought-conceptual level of mind to intuitive-experiential level. Most importantly, it’s the experience of the truth within ourselves which is free of ideas and opinions.  Rather than suppressing our feelings, we are able to view and experience them it in a natural way. Once you become aware of what is happening in the present moment, you begin to do things with simplicity. 

Benefits of cultivating mindfulness:

  •  It keeps the mind grounded and collected
  • Keeps the mind focused
  • Intuitiveness is developed
  • Profound listening occurs
  • A deep understanding of who we are is revealed


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